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Done Jump into TCMD On Error

This probably isn't reasonably feasible but I figure why not mention it anyway ...

How about a TCC ON ERROR ... command switch that jumps into TCMD if an error occurs, sort of like the way Excel VBA offers a [Close] [Debug] dialog when an Excel macro has an error?

Several possibilities:

1) A TCStart option

2) TCC command line switch to make this applicable to the running instance.

3) A switch within the program, similar to an ON ERROR switch, so the "jump" would only occur if an error occurs while that ON ERROR switch is active.

4) How would this integrate with LIBRARY functions (if at all)?

Just to be clear--this isn't intended for development purposes, it would be for when there is an unexpected problem in more of a "production" environment.

For example, in Excel I had a routine that pulled the number from a street address and put it in an integer data type, to compare it to other addresses to see if there were multiple patient accounts at the same address.

After several months it crashed for "number out of range".

Really?? Who has a street address higher than 32k??

Excel read 167 E 13TH ST as 167^13.

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