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Done Junction handling in Win7

I've been using TCC LE 13 x64 to help configure a new Windows 7 installation (my first). One priority was to move the Users directory tree to D:\Users (ie: to another drive). This was reasonably simple to do from Safe Mode (though, being my first time, I made it more complicated than necessary). But the usual set of junctions were not copied, so I had to recreate them manually. In order to do so, I had to first find the junctions in the renamed C:\UsersOld. This is where I noticed some problems.

TASK: Locate all Junctions and Symbolic Links in the current directory and all subdirectories.

ATTEMPT 1: dir /aL /s /m
Run from a user account, this works nicely.
However, run from an administrator account, DIR starts to traverse the D:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Application Data\ loop. It doesn't hang, but it does provide a lot of useless output.

ATTEMPT 2: ffind /a:L /s *
Again, this works great from a Standard User account, but follows every junction and loop in an Administrator account, until it realises and gives up.

ATTEMPT 3: for /r /a:L %dn in (*) echo %dn
This time, FOR refuses to look inside hidden directories, so the three junctions in D:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\ are not shown. I thought /a: would normally tell FOR /R to traverse hidden directories, but it doesn't seem to. And, in any case, /a:L would overwrite this function. On the plus side, FOR /R also doesn't traverse junctions.

If I use a Standard User, I can't view the entire C:\UsersOld (or D:\Users) directory tree; I can only see the current use.
If I use an Administrator, both DIR /S and FFIND /S follow junctions (and hence loops).
If I use FOR /R, I won't see junctions within hidden directories.

1. Add a .INI command (I couldn't find one) that prevents all /S-modified commands from traversing junctions.
2. Add switches to DIR and FFIND to enable/disable the traversing of junctions.
3. Add a switch to FOR /R that allows hidden directories to be traversed (but not junctions).

Since Junctions are now quite fundamental to Windows 7, and affect the fundamental behaviour of these essential commands, I suggest these enhancements need to be included in the LE version of your products as well as the enhanced versions.

Thanks for your time. I hope this has been useful, and timely.

PS: I've bought previous versions of your products, because I wanted the functionality that was included. However, at the moment TCC LE seems to be perfectly sufficient for my needs. And my temporarily-tight budget doesn't stretch to surplus expenditure! :)
It has been available for many versions. The option /NJ does not traverse junctions/symlinks. It is available in almost every command which goes through a directory tree.
Well, don't I look silly!

Thanks for pointing this out, Steve.

While I'm here, I noticed that when you go Back in the TCC Help system, it takes you to the top of the page rather than to the point where you were (eg: half-way down the list of variable functions). Is there any way to change this behaviour? Or is it worth suggesting as an improvement? How about Favourites in the Help system?