Done Just a Help addition - Set can indirectly set variables

Oct 18, 2009
No change to the code, but point out the following in the Help for Set:

Set can indirectly set variables:


Set var=Hello
:: Will echo Hello
Echo %var

Set %var=Goodbye

:: Will echo Hello
Echo %var
:: Will echo Goodbye
Echo %Hello
Here's a practical use example:

:: Just for demonstration
Unset MyFile Filename_var


:: Just for demonstration
Echo MyFile: %MyFile
Echo Filename_var: %Filename_var


:SELECT_FILE [Pattern Filename_var]
:: Gets filename
:: If no name is picked QUITS THE PROGRAM.
:: Parameters:
:: Pattern: pattern match for SELECT command
:: Filename_var: Holds the name of the VARIABLE
:: that the selected filename will be stored in
:: GOSUB SELECT_FILE Pattern MyFileVarName

SELECT /1 SET tmp=(%Pattern)

:: No name picked (Esc pressed)
IFF "%tmp" EQ "" THEN
:: No file specified

Set %Filename_var=%tmp

:: End of SELECT_FILE [Pattern Filename_var]​
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