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How to? keep console from scrolling

Is there a way to keep the console from scrolling after typing a command and pressing the Enter key?
More specifically, I want to modify the following autoexecute keystroke alias to keep it from scrolling up the console buffer each time it is invoked (this alias cycles through available fonts using features of the 4CONSOLE plugin). TIA
@@Alt-[=^eSETFONT %@eval[%@inc[%_font] mod %_nfonts]
By "scrolling" do you mean "display a new prompt"? I don't think that can be suppressed. But I wish it could be suppressed for keystroke aliases which produce no output. Maybe a new type of keystroke alias (@@@) could do just that.
By "scrolling" I meant just scrolling but your idea is better, you're right, I'm after a way to suppress the new prompt.

How about using the prompt to stop displaying a new prompt?

prompt $e[3A

Note well that you need to have the ANSI X3.64 support enabled. From the help file;

To utilize the TCC built-in ANSI X3.64 support you must enable it from the Windows tab of the configuration dialogs, or with the SETDOS /A command. You can determine whether or not ANSI X3.64 support is enabled with the _ANSI internal variable.

Reference ANSI X3.64 Command Reference in the help file for more info.

How about using the prompt to stop displaying a new prompt?

prompt $e[3A

He'd still get the couple of empty lines he doesn't want and subsequently have no prompt! I think he just wants **nothing visible** to happen when he uses an automatic (@@) keystroke alias that doesn't produce output.
Sorry, Joe, I didn't look at the ANSI reference. I don't think changing the prompt is a good idea, but moving the cursor up so the new prompt overwrites the old one is a really good idea.

Stefano, you can probably do what you want with something like this.
alias @@Alt-[=`@echo ^^^^e[2A & @SETFONT  eval[%@inc[%_font] mod %_nfonts]`

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