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How to? Keeping all history lists

TCC can sometimes purge items off the lists (history, command, etc.). Is there a way to keep a record of everything done, maybe by having a ItemsPurgedFromHistoryLists.log - that had no size limitations?
Options ... Startup tab ... Logging ... check what you want logged and supply file names. My history log goes back years. It's the first place I look when I forget how I did something.
I guess I wonder what happens if the History Buffer size is too small to load the current history item. it would remove/purge the first item added, not to be kept. That is why I was wondering how to do a ItemsPurgedFromHistoryLists.log type file?
I don't use that log file for loading the history. I use SHRALIAS and a global history and only load the history (from SHRALIAS dump file) at login. You *could* use the history log for loading; only the most recent entries will wind up in the history (as much as will fit). But loading that file can be very slow. Loading my history.log, about 5MB, takes 4 minutes. It takes so long because after the list is full, TCC must (one by one) discard entries at one end to make room for entries at the other end.

Perhaps Rex would consider an enhancement to HISTORY /R, namely start loading at a position in the file such that the remainder of the file is guaranteed to fit in the current history size (that's all you get anyway!). That wouldn't be hard to do, set the file pointer to FILE_END - HIST_SIZE, read forward to an EOL, then start loading history lines. I suppose it would be equally easy in a plugin.
So essentially if I use SHRALIAS and the associated files - it would grow as needed - never get smaller, so to speak. I used to use SHRALIAS but whne rex said that the log files would automatically be loaded several versions back, I decided to skip SHRALIAS and just let TCMD/TCC load and write the files as necessary. Guess I just need to modify the TCSTART and TCEXIT BTM files....

Thanks Vince

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