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Fixed Keeping focus


Scott Mintz
I don't know what changed in build 48, but whenever I launch an external GUI app, Tcmd/TCC keeps the focus. It is especially annoying when I launch V or a PDF file (which launches Adobe Reader) and those apps pop up behind Tcmd and Tcmd still has the focus.

I just did the update to build 49 and the issue appears to be gone.

And while I'm griping, the install of build 48 removed my pinned shortcut from the task bar. Build 49 is back to the original behavior (not deleting pinned shortcuts). Given Dan's comments about his install deleting stuff, it would seem something was amiss with build 48.

I recently noticed the same behavior, but not reladed to tcc.
Some Windows don't start in front but behind, which was totally unexpected.
Today the phenomenon is gone.:confused:

Perhaps it was caused by a windows update.
Is there a command we can issue in our scripts that will grab focus back to that current window?

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