KEYSTACK and double-double quotes dropping spaces

Jan 22, 2009
As documented,
KEYSTACK "abc " ""def""​
abc "def"​

As not documented
KEYSTACK ""abc "" "def"​
"abc" def​

All spaces in double-double quoted strings are dropped. Is this a bug?
Aug 2, 2011
Berlin, Germany
this one is funny, too:

>KEYSTACK "abc " "" def""

>abc "def""


>KEYSTACK "abc " "" ""

>abc ""


Staff member
May 14, 2008
WAD; KEYSTACK is correct; the help is wrong (or at least incomplete).

Two double quotes does not make a single leading double quote for a string argument, it just makes a single double quote, unrelated to anything that follows. So in your example, what you would want to enter is:

> keystack "" "abc" "" " def"
>"abc" def
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