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Aug 3, 2016
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Does anyone know how to extract which variable functions and internal variables are available in a specific Take Command version?

The commands part is rather straightforward: after SETDOS /I* and PLUGIN /U* the ? command lists all internal commands.

I couldn't find something similar for functions and variables.

Sure, I wrote a script to extract those from the helpfiles, but I consider that secondary (by lack of a better word in my rather limited English vocabulary).
There is also the option to press F7 after "%@" or "%_" to get a list, but that's not a hardcopy (and not reliable; if you do this in TCC/LE, you also get the "Not in LE" functions/variables )
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I do not have the permissions to view this page, but the keyword "Keywords" brings up a lot of similar questions. That will keep me busy for a while :-)

(I *did* search the forums for this, but apparently used the wrong "keywords". Thanks for sending me in the right direction!)
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While cleaning out the debris of my Take Command experiments, I found a script to generate those keywords (a list of internal commands, internal variables and variable functions in 3 seperate files)
Completely forgot about that....

I downloaded the SDK (as suggested in one of the many threads about this subject), but that turned out to be outdated (TCMD17 keywords).
Eventualy I used the content of the Take Command Helpfiles to generate these keywords.

It can get those keywords from .CHM files and from TCHELP.exe. Here's how:

  • Open TCHELP.exe and keep it opened!
  • Drag the "Whats New in Version 20" subject to the folder where this script resides (or the desktop; doesn't really matter) like this:
  • 2017-03-01 04_51_30-Drag.png
  • This creates a "What's New in Version 20.0.url" file (you can view the contents with a text editor)
    The name of this .url file is important, because a folder will be created with this same name, where the keywords will be put (for supporting multiple versions of TCMD)
  • Drag-Drop ([title]) the .url file on the GenerateKeywords script (or use the .url as a parameter on the prompt)
  • Wait a minute ...
  • In the created "What's New in Version 20.0" folder are your keyword files.
  • Close TCHELP.exe
  • Delete the .url file (it contains a unique ID; the next time (?) you have to create a new .url file.


  • Drag-drop the .CHM file on the GenerateKeywords script (or use the .CHM as a parameter on the prompt)
  • The script uses the foldername of the .CHM (like:TCMD19) for the folder it creates where the keywords will be stored.
  • Wait a minute ...
  • In the created "TCMD19" folder are your keyword files, minus the internal commands.
  • Create those with a command like this (I'll save you the 20 seconds it costs to type this yourself :-) in the correct version (19 in this example):

(DO this in /P ? (DO that in /L %this (echo %that)) ) > Internal_Commands.txt

OR if DO isn's supported in older versions (error on TCMD11):
? | for %x in (@con) do for %y in (%x) do echo %y


  • The script make use of GNU's WGET ([title]) . My version is 1.11.4, but I guess any version will do.
    You can unzip the package to a folder in your path or just in the folder of the GenerateKeywords script.
  • Especially for this forum I added some "UI" and errorhandling (a whopping 1 line of code extra!). Don't expect to much from that ...


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