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Killer features


Not quite sure if this is appropriate for this forum, but I could not find a better one so here goes.

I am currently using TCMD version 10 and am considering whether to upgrade to version 12 when released. There are of course lots of new nifty features and various other improvements, but not something I cannot do without. (Internal commands for zip-handling seems very neat for example, but I already have external ZIP tools what I'm used to, and whose syntax some batch files depend upon)

So, I'm wondering if those who upgraded to version 11 at the time and are currently using version 12 beta (and aim to upgrade) could share what features that convinced them to upgrade? How did the new features improve your TCMD/TCC experience so to speak?

My point is NOT to say there are not enough improvements to make the upgrade worth it, I'm rather trying to find out if there's some that I have failed to notice or appreciate as they deserve so far.
The killer feature in version 11 for me was the 64-bit version. It's also faster than 11, and has some other lesser features that I find useful, but I paid for the 64-bit.

Version 12 has some very nice debugger improvements that IMHO are worth the upgrade. The improvements to DO are also welcome, and the Take Command UI is moving closer to what I've been hoping for. Some other "cool" features (like directory wildcards) that I may find useful. And again, a lot of lesser features that add up to a worthwhile upgrade. YMMV!
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