Latest TCMDx64 fails on XP Pro x64

XP Pro x64 w/SP2 and Take Command x64.
Last successful installation of Take Command on this system is version 14.02.36. Later attempts all ended in failure.
Recently tried TCMDx64 15.01.50 and got error messages as follows:
Module \Windows\Take Command\IsLicense50.dll failed to register. HRESULT -2147024769. Contact your support personnel.
Did notice that installer offered \Program Files (x86)\TCMD15x64\ as location - it did not detect that older version was in \Windows\Take Command - which has been my install location for years.
Abort selected - previous version still works.
Tried TCMDx64 version 14.03.59 - same error message as above. Gave up.
Anything else I could try?
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