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Limitation regarding creation of shortcut keys for "copy"

Within Take Command, the user can set up multiple shortcut keys for "copy". However, the precise behavior of these shortcut keys will depend on what they are. If they include ctrl (say, Ctrl-Ins), the the copy will be done without newlines. However, if they do not include ctrl (say, Alt-Ins), then the copy will be done with newlines.
It seems to me that this behavior is anomalous.
To be sure, the help file (on the Highlighting and Copying Text page) does state: "You can optionally combine multiple selected lines into a single line before placing it in the clipboard by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting Copy from the right-click context menu or the Edit menu."
Although the help file relates only to the right-click menu, the effect of the Ctrl key here applies to shortcut keys, too, as Rex noted in the previous thread.
However, it seems to me that when it comes to keyboard shortcuts this is not desirable. First of all, it effectively limits the user in choice of keyboard shortcut - for the regular copy, the keyboard shortcut must not include CTRL; for the other type, it must include CTRL.
Additionally, it is counterintuitive. When looking at the keyboard shortcut screen, one may see a set of multiple keyboard shortcuts listed for "copy", implying that all of those keyboard shortcuts serve equally well for the job. However, this is not so. Instead, the choice of the key for the shortcut affects how the shortcut will behave.
I believe that the best way to deal with this situation is to provide two separate entries in the keyboard shortcut definition screen: one for regular copy and one for copy without newlines. Then, allow the user to select any keyboard shortcut for either one of those functions.
[FOX] Ultimate Translator