list of TCC commands for external editors

Jun 8, 2013
Warsaw, Poland
char TccKeyWords[] =
"7unzip 7zip activate alias assoc associate attrib batcomp bdebugger beep break breakpoint call cancel case caseall cd cdd chcp chdir clipmonitor cls "
"color comment copy date datemonitor debugmonitor debugstring default defer del delay describe desktop detach dir dirhistory dirs diskmonitor do drawbox drawhline drawvline "
"echo echoerr echos echoserr echox echoxerr ejectmedia else elseiff enddo endiff endlocal endswitch erase eset eventlog eventmonitor everything except exit ffind firewiremonitor foldermonitor font for free "
"ftype function global gosub goto gzip head help history ide if iff iftp inkey input jabber keybd keys keystack "
"links list loadbtm loadmedia log lua md memory mkdir mklink mklnk move msgbox netmonitor on option osd path pause pdir "
"playavi playsound plugin popd postmsg print priority processmonitor prompt pushd querybox quit rd reboot recycle regmonitor rem ren rename resolution "
"return rexec rmdir rshell screen screenmonitor script scrput select sendhtml sendmail servicemonitor services set setarray setdos seterror setlocal shift shortcut "
"shralias smpp snmp snpp start statusbar switch sync tail tar taskbar taskdialog taskend tasklist tcdialog tcfilter tctoolbar tee text time "
"timer title touch tpipe transient tree truename type unalias unfunction ungzip unset unsetarray untar unzip usbmonitor vbeep ver verify view vol vscrput "
"webform webupload which window wmiquery y zip zipsfx ";
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