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list seems to loose focus v15

I just upgraded to v 15. I skipped 13, 14. I used to upgrade every version, but, honestly, I use like 1% of 1% of the capabilities of Take Command and thus didn't see the need to update. But I figured that since I skipped a couple of versions I might as well go ahead and get v 15.

Anyway, so, I know there is a new view command which supplants list. But, I'm used to using list and it operates in within the same text window as the rest of tcc, so, at least for now I'm still using primarily list.

So I use 'f' to find something. Say it doesn't find it, so I get the popup. I hit enter and the popup goes away. Then I use an arrow key or something to move up or down. Nothing happens. I have to click back in the tcc window and then the arrow keys work again. I didn't have that problem with v 12.
Well, I just rebooted my laptop and the problem went away. So, I guess it was probably just my computer. I'm still on XP. But, for the record, I was using TCC within TCMD.
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