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Declined Local installation server for multicopy customers

For customers who have licenses for multiple copies, it would be nice to have the option to have one of those systems to be a local installation server. This would reduce internet traffic for both the customer and for JPsoft, with the side benefit that the reduced traffic at jpsoft.com would improve response times when new builds are announced. I have successfully installed TCMD from a network drive in the past, so I think batch file distributed in the manner of tcchere.btm etc. could do the job, with a single local data item (the UNC of the downloaded installer); that information could be locally distributed in a file analogous to FTP.CFG.

I have no FEEDBACK votes left, but I think this could be incorporated into V16 without significantly delaying it.
Steve, you can probably kludge this by modifying the updater.ini file and pointing to an internal URL. I haven't tried it, but I don't see why it wouldn't work.

The current file contains a line:

And that file contains:

If you change the INI file to point to your copy of tcmdx64update.aiu and change the URL within that file to point to a local server, it should load from the local server.

Of course the trick in all that is getting the new updater.ini file onto the users PC.
My set is small (2 WinXP32 and 1 Win7-64) so I just do it manually. Big corporations with hundreds of machines are the real target of this suggestion.