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Documentation LOG command

This topic ought to be reorganized.

1/ The Format should read:

Format: LOG [/A | /E | /H] [/W file] [ON | OFF | text ]

to indicate that no more than one of the options /A, /E or /H may be present, independently of whether or not /W is also present.

2/ The role of the keywords ON and OFF should be explained, e.g.:

OFF turns off the selected type of logging
ON turns on the selected type of logging

3/ The statements "You can only specify one of the /A, /E, and /H options in a single LOG command." and "The LOG command controls the command log operation if it does not include the /H option." should be moved from the "Command Log" section to the end of the "Usage:" section.

4/ There should be a section titled "ALL (Output) Log" to describe the effect of the /A option.

5/ The default file names for each logging mode should include the location of the default files, not only their names.

6/ The effect on the location of the log file of specifying a log file as "/W file" with no path or a partial path should be explained.

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