Long commands retrieved from command history have blank line when wrapped

Apr 18, 2014
TCC (x64) Version 26.02 Build 42 [26.02.42]
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (2004) [10.0.19041.388]

I think this problem started with build 42 (possibly a side effect of the fix for no line wraps at the bottom of the screen buffer). It doesn't happen in version 25, but I haven't gone back to build 41 to confirm if it happens there. The problem occurs both in standalone TCC windows and TCC tabs within TCMD.

If there is a long command in the command history which, when recalled is longer than the width of the TCC window, a blank line appears in the command when it wraps. As an example, if I do a directory command for with a file that has a longish path and name...

d:\>dir /b c:\Windows\System32\DragDropExperienceCommon.dll

Then I make the TCC window narrower such that the above command line has to wrap, and press the UP arrow to retrieve the command from history, a blank line appears:

d:\>dir /b c:\Windows\System32\DragDropExperienceComm