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Low priority to Rex: broken graphic

Not here -- I think you need to purge your browser cache.

I see the broken graphic on two computers, in four different browsers. But only after I log in -- it looks fine before -- so I chased it down to the "Default Style" skin. The logo does appear in "BP-White". So, assuming "Default Style" is not in fact the default, most users won't get the broken graphic.
It's back. (Sort of looming behind the menu bar in this skin, but that's a lot better than a broken-graphic icon.)
I am using a machine at the moment which I don't normally do. Here the logo is correct. This may be the right place to ask - what happened to the Ventana style I used before the migration?
On a related note, the UserVoice tab that was on the left side is missing. (Deliberately, maybe?)
Did you mean the premigration logo is back? It's OK here on both WinXP-32b and Win7-64b machines.

I think Rex, or somebody, has made several changes to that skin since my post yesterday. The logo is no longer lurking behind the menu bars, and other things look different too. (Looks nice, very readable.)