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Make /G parameter persistent in COPY/MOVE command?

I am using TCMD 20, and have fallen in love with the /G parameter of the COPY and MOVE commands. Often I have to copy or move large files, and the /G lets me know how far along the process is moving. I would like to be able to make this /G parameter "persistent" in that it would always be used by default whenever using either of these commands, rather than having to remember to put it in each time. (I'm getting up there in years and often forget things. Don't get old, it sucks.)

If there's a way to do this, please aim me in the right direction. If not, please note it as a change request. If this is only available in the v21 release, I'll upgrade -- it'll be worth it. Thanks.

One way is alias the commands:
alias copy=*copy /g
alias move=*move /g

But it might be smarter to create aliases with abbreviated names:
alias c=*copy /g
alias m=*move /g

The second way (A) saves typing -- once you get used to using the new names -- and (B) doesn't affect the operation of the COPY and MOVE commands in batch files.
OK, thanks, Charles. That's a good idea. How do I make those alias settings permanent, so that I don't have to enter the alias commands each time I open up TCMD/TCC?
Create a batch file called TCSTART.BTM, and put it in the same directory where TCC.EXE is. It can be very simple, to start with:
@echo off
alias c=*copy /g
alias m=*move /g

As you create more aliases, it may make sense to move them into a separate text file, say ALIASES.TXT, and load them with an ALIAS /R command:
@echo off
alias /r "%@path[%_cmdspec]aliases.txt"

You can customize other things in TCSTART.BTM, too. It's a good place to put a PROMPT command, for example. Type HELP AUTOBATCH for more info on TCSTART.
Once upon a time I knew that. Sometimes, now that I'm going to hit the big six-oh next year, I feel like HAL in 2001: "My mind is going, Dave, I can feel it..." Thanks for reminding me about TCSTART.BTM, I should have remembered that. <Insert picture of me banging my head here>
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