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Declined make tcc being more "4dos" and win x64 faster

thank you for your tool tcc and it light version tcc-rt .
i tested tcc and was impressed by it. i changed for tcc-rt because i use a java console software and it is a good way to see what is tcc .
i was hoping that tcc will be more oriented like 4dos as a shell , that frees a lot of memory for softwares and helps them being faster ...
win 7 and later are loading dozens of drivers : most of them being unused or unneeded [ like beep or print-spooler..] , next tcc could try to handle them and stop their loading...that would be a good step for increasing speed ;']
may be some softwares for memory could be added too like the old qemm-win and its mft... then later a 4efi for bios ;"] [ this one will kill 8]
good luck for the future
You can disable print spooler by doing
services /s Spooler

I have a .btm called KillStuff, which has the following subroutine;
:KillProcess [thePName]
iff %@pid[%thePName] gt 0 then
  echo Ending %thePName | tee /A/D/T %LogFile
  taskend /F %@pid[%thePName]
  echo %thePName not active. | tee /A/D/T %LogFile

I call it thus;
gosub KillProcess PDFProFiltSrvPP.exe
gosub KillProcess pdfpro5hook.exe

Substitute your own process that you want ended.

i think of something bigger , because services are the config.sys drivers of NT...and 4DOS / TCC are on the "same line" in the comparison .
the software that shows "nt 's config.sys" is LoadOrder : [title]



windows 7 [ and later [and may be vista] ] is not very "clear nor clean" about "services"
loading a lot that are not used : like beep or printer spooler ; but resources consumers ; some tools or softwares also add some drivers .

so a tool made by jpsoft could try to handle all kind of services and shrink the list without killing the os...
for example : by now to stop loading of amd-sata driver is only possible with regedit ...
this tool will also have some info about drivers and inter-dependencies , to explain what are RDP*DD*.sys drivers loaded by Video Save Group ...
windows 7 [ and later [and may be vista] ] is not very "clear nor clean" about "services" loading a lot that are not used : like beep or printer spooler ; but resources consumers ; some tools or softwares also add some drivers .
What makes you think the print spooler is not used? Many people around here think that's the entire point of Windows: to emulate a typewriter.
On modern Windows versiosn Take Command is "just another application" and no longer the shell (*)

In the series "don't plant the seed", you might want to take a look at NTLite ([title]).
Here you can configure in great detail what will or will not be installed/activated (including drivers, etc), so you don't have to "repair" things afterwards.

I was particularly impressed by another software: Tiny7. This is a *very* minimal Windows 7 installation requiring very little memory and diskspace. Very fast, too.
Unfortunately Tiny7 is not strictly legal and no longer maintained, but you could install it on a (virtual) machine for inspiration.

(*) Although you can make it appear to be so:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon]
i agree about the use of spooler : but when you have a printer of want to use print2file ...
there are others services like the remote access and remote registry access that are on with all install while the chance for user to need them is near 0....while its a highway for hacker...

i know well ntlite , his tools is the best for reducing install of win7 8 10....... but it is not very cool with the licence system it has that is complex and if you reinstall a lot your windows , then after 5 : you are no longer registered.... i think it is a bit weird for a software that manage windows installs...

plus it still does not handle services like i talked about...the way i see this software is more a qemm optimization than anything else . qemm was great to use spaces in upper memory ..
i did this kind of optimization by hand with win7 and you can reduce a lot memory used....

with windows 98 you could have fun with a typewriter starting at 8 to 16 Mo of ram...by now you need 8 to 16 Go for the same feeling...
Even in the "4DOS-days" memory management was the realm of MEMMAKER, QEMM and the like.
4DOS did not optimize memory management of the whole system; it just made use of the available resources in an efficient way.
I'm confident that modern Take Command also makes efficient use of the currently available system resources (although I have zero proof for that).
Asking more of Take Command seems "out of scope". (Not that I'm The One who decides which suggestion gets implemented)

As I do like the subject (I'm "always" slimming down my Windows installations, professional as well as private ("eat your own dogfood") ) some further suggestions:
If you have the services on one system configured the way you like, you could export the state with WMIC:
wmic service Get DisplayName,Name, StartMode /format:"%WINDIR%\System32\wbem\en-us\csv"
, which you could "import" on another system with the same operating system with a simple CMD script (or even better: .BTM script :-) . Hint: sc.exe config <service> start= <Startup Type>

Beside Remote Desktop, Remote Assistance you might also want to disable the Server service if you don't need access from other systems to the disks and printers of this machine. That is the biggest "remote" risk.
thank MarteenG , memmaker was able to create very good config.sys .... i wonder if you know umbpci.sys , but it is a very good software for himem and upper memory ....sadly it seems that intel had killed the memory above the 640 ko and below 1024ko ...with it s new cpu

i will learn wmic and sc.exe .
i hope they handle well the hardware and software services that all in the same registry branch : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services
and the options of each of them..
i used memcache command of wmic : reading the answer needs a triple monitor ;']
i have a pc connected to 4 Monitors 8"] [ 2 cards : a hd5k amd and a gtx560 connected to 2 monitors ] i use it with tmpeg that uses cuda , or with games like mafia2 : thanks to win10 , games can use physx even when main card is not a nvidia...
on a second pc that was having a 3sli of gtx570 , i installed 2 rx480..and installed a 12 core cpu that i found on ebay at the same price as the rx480 [ 250 euro ] ...i ll jump into VR with , i wait coming new w10 that will handle it [ Virtual Reality ] and the next generation of VR Helmets
this update for a sabertooth x79 had puzzled me : i wonder how intel makes its prices... i mean the gpu from amd plus 8 Go of very high speed ram costs 250 euro , the best of intel cpu with nearly the same number of transistors [ with no ram nor cooler ] is at $ 4k : 16 x...

by the way , it is nice for jpsoft ...he has tree beta-testers ready to try the new services handler software..[lol]

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