Make Text In Help File Larger

As my eyesight continues to get poorer, reading the help files of various applications, including Take Command, is getting more difficult.

I use the FireFox Web Browser, and am able to use the CTRL + and CTRL - keys to resize the text in the FireFox browser accordingly.

There is an add-on to FireFox called ChmFox, which allows the viewing of .CHM files in FireFox.

It is available from (

I can now open the Take Command .chm file;

(chm:///C:/Program%20Files/JPSoft/TCMD13/tcmd.chm!/overview.htm) and am able to make the text in the file larger, which is easier for me to read. I have the Take Command .chm help file bookmarked in FireFox, making it more easily accesible.

Just passing this on, as there may be others with poor vision who might find this helpful.

Thank you, Joe! :) I am one of those people with poor vision.

However, I downloaded it, I think I installed it, but Firefox doesn't (yet?) recognize "chm:". What am I not doing/doing wrong?
Thank you again, Joe :) , but this time the smiley face is because of my idiocy. When programs need to be restarted they usually say so, and when I dug around in the Firefox docs and on the web I didn't find it in either place. (I really tend to avoid restarting Firefox because the pages I have open at any given point in time are another form of memory and Firefox is not completely reliable in re-opening up pages after it has been shut down and restarted. But I'll go through all of the pages open at the moment - there's really not too many of them somewhat unusually - and save the URL's that need to be saved to a text file.) - Dan