Maybe Not So Hard Pdir Question

Feb 25, 2011
My almost dream directory listing is aliased as:

pdir /(-20.20fnq) /( dd-m-y th:m zc -i) * /D/K/M/Og/P

This gives both long filenames and descriptions. Don't like long names, but they are an unfortunate fact of life now.

Maybe someone can suggest a way to implement the following changes:

1) I'd like to separately left justify the filenames and prefixes, separated by space(s) and no dot. This functionality is available with /J in dir, but apparently not in pdir. And even if it was, /J uses shortened names. Undoubtedly there are TCC functions that parse filenames and put them back together in the desired format, but I have not mastered this arcane art.

2) When a long description wraps, the tail starts at the beginning of the next line. Is there a convenient way to line up the wrap with the first column of the description field?

Thanks in advance.
Jan 19, 2011
Norman, OK
Here are some parsing commands added to part 1) of your question.

Filenames and extensions will be truncated to 20 and 4 characters, respectively, if they are longer. In addition from my own testing, filenames longer than 19 characters with spaces in them will be truncated to 19 characters with a leading quote but no trailing quote.
pdir /(-20.20@quote[%%@name[*]]) /(-4.4@ext[*]) /( dd-m-y th:m zc -i) * /D/K/M/Og/P
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