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Minimum System Requirements

What are the minimum system requirements (Windows Version) for each version of TCMD/TCC?

A search of the JPSoft site, and Klaus Meinhard's page, did not provide the info. If I missed it, please provide the link. Thanks!

In addendum to OS Version Compatibility

I have copied the contents of the 4nt6a folder from my Windows 98 system, to my Windows Vista Business 32-bit system.

4nt6a seems to be working okay (I ran the examples.btm file).

When I did a ver /r, I noticed that it did not have my registration info, so I ran the br4nt.exe program.

I still have the blue JP CD Suite Brand ID Card that came with my JP-CD Suite Release 3.

I could not, however, get the br4nt.exe program to brand my copy of 4nt.exe, which produced the following;


Thus, a ver /r produces


It does not really matter if I can brand or not, as I don't intend to use 4nt6a on my Windows Vista Business 32-bit system, but I just wanted to see if it could be done.

I still use Microsoft Visual FoxPro 5.0 on both my Windows Vista Business 32-bit system, and my Windows 7 Professional 64-bit system, and it still does what I require it to do. Ditto for Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Excel 97, and Microsoft Access 97, and Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0.

No reason to upgrade to the latest and greatest, if what you have already does what you need.

Just a guess, but are you running BR4NT while 4NT is actually running? I bet it cannot modify the 4NT executable while it is running. (Assuming that's what BR4NT is doing... modifying 4NT.exe... which I believe was the case back then....)

Try running BR4NT from just a regular cmd.exe prompt.
Thankyou for the suggestion, but I have removed 4NT from my Windows Vista Business 32-bit system.

This was just a curiosity, just to see if 4NT would work.

Bash and PowerShell, along with TCC, are the best tools for me to use at this time.

Well, curiosity got the better of me, so I installed (not copied) 4nt6a. Installation was successful, and branding was successful.

I also found my 4nt 3.0, which installed, and branded, successfully.

Both installations were performed as Administrator on my Windows Vista Business 32-bit system.

If you conned vers 4nta v6 to work, then you would find that your 4ntu v6 is also registered. I use the same reg file on both of these.

It's 7.x that you have to run the register program on. 8.x uses an INI file, in the way that 4os2 3.0 does, but you can use the registery version too.

I have not tried v 9.0 or later in this experiment, since i have only migrated to vista 6.1
I've managed to register every version of 4dos / 4os2 / 4nt on a layout under Windows 7.0, to see what can be accelerated.

If you got the 4nta from 6.0 to register, you can start 4ntu and it will be registered too.