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Done Mintty

I was reading in the blog the comparison of Take Command to Mintty.

You say that Mintty does not have Cut and Paste block and/or line selection. I am running mintty 1.0.3, which does have Cut and Paste block and/or line selection. The man page says;

Copy & paste
Screen contents can be selected by holding down the left mouse button
and dragging the mouse. If Alt is held down before the left mouse but‐
ton, a rectangular block instead of whole lines will be selected. The
selection can be extended by holding down Shift while left-clicking.
Double-clicking or triple-clicking selects a whole word or line,
whereby word selection includes special characters that commonly appear
in file names and URLs.

The man page has more on Copy & Paste.

While Take Command also does this, with use of Ctrl instead of Alt, thought that I would just point this out.