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Missing French Translations

Discussion in 'TCC/LE Support' started by efl74, Jun 30, 2011.

  1. efl74

    Jun 27, 2011
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    First of all, thank you for this wonderful piece of software !

    I've noticed since version 12.10 & 12.11, the french translation of the TCC/LE installer is missing some labels :[​IMG]

    See the "RadioButton.Text.AI_UPGRADE#1" instead of the radio button label? In previous versions those labels where in plain english, so here is a translation :

    * Yes, remove older versions. => Oui, supprimer les anciennes versions.
    * No, install side by side with other versions. => Non, installer à côté des autres versions.

    And in case a directory with a previous version was selected:
    * Yes, remove all older versions. => Oui, supprimer toutes les anciennes versions.
    * No, uninstall only the ##.##.## version. => Non, désinstaller seulement la version ##.##.##.

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