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Missing PERL command-line arguments

Hey Forum!!!

I have been exploring TCC's useful native PERL integration. However, I have come across the odd situation where arguments that are passed to a PERL script are not 'seen' by the interpreter. '@ARGV' returns no scalars when it is parsed inside the script. If the same script is passed explicitly to PERL.EXE and an argument supplied then the script runs properly, correctly finding the argument.

I am running ActivePERL v5.16.2 and have checked the appropriate box in the OPTIONS page.

Has anyone else encountered this/discovered a solution?
You didn't say what version of TCC you're using, but assuming a recent one, Perl script processing is handled by PerlScript (the Perl engine for Windows Scripting Host). TCC passes the script name & arguments to PerlScript; if that's not working you'll need to ask the ActivePerl / PerlScript developers what's wrong.

I'm inclined to simply remove Perl support altogether in TCC, because the Perl developers have been busily adding a series of disastrous bugs to the Windows version of Perl over the last 3-4 years, rendering the embedded Perl completely useless and the ActivePerl version only marginally viable.

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