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Fixed mklink /X junction\

I happened to try deleting a junction with MKLINK /X and TCC crashed. I found no gpf file.
TCC 13.03.51 Windows 7 [Version 6.1.7601]
Rex, you mentioned that the /X switch was unnecessary in a report I had submitted earlier. If RD is the preferred way to remove symlinks and junctions, could you add a note to that effect to the /X description in the help?

It's an API crash; I've fixed it for build 52.

Note: the correct syntax would be "rd junction".
I tend to use MKLNK /D to delete a junction, MKLINK /X to delete a SYMLINKD, and DEL to delete a SYMLINK. I know that DEL and RD work too in some of cases, but using them for symbolic links obfuscates what's intended to happen, IMO.

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