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Documentation MKSC

I was trying list selected fields (target and agrument) from two different shortcuts with a single invocation of MKSC. I failed! I could use a wildcard to select multiple shortcuts to be partially displayed, or use individual MKSC commands for each, but could not use either an argument list or an include list. Careful reading of HELP MKSC shows that there is not even a hint that there can be more than a single link-file argument, and displaying the content of more than one file is mentioned only in conjunction with wildcards and directory recursion, but IMHO the limitation to a single file specification argument should be made more explicit. It is easy enough to use FOR to handle several, and I have a hard time conceiving of a scenario where the limitation is has a serious effect. My estimate is that this mode of MKSC is typically used only interactively anyway.
If an argument can be repeated, I'll put an ellipsis after it: linkfile...

Incidentally, I seem to recall that you had some question about MKSC which I was in Boston. Now I can't remember what the question was, nor can I find the thread. Premature Alzheimer's?
It's the forum website (premigration or postmigration one, don't know) that has Alzheimer's! Actually, my post and your response were among the ones which were lost by some system failure during the migration. Because your response quoted (at least part of) my original post, and because I am signed up for "email notification of all posts", and save all my email, I have the essential information below:

Steve Fabian:
I had written a batch file set which uses the internal SHORTCUT command to create a single editable file to record the original fields of selected shortcuts, and to take the (possibly edited) version of the file and create / update the shortcuts.

I came across an issue using @SCINFO to retrieve current value of specific shortcut fields, and (after editing) using MKSC to modify the shortcuts. The issue is canonicalization of the arguments field. I consistently use the symbolic representation %+ of the CommandSep character, because for normal work I use the 4DOS special characters (so my old batch programs would still work), but I have shortcuts that execute only one or two TCC commands (esp. screenres and scrnsaver) and exit; TCC is started with the /IISX option so CommandSep is different. How do I avoid "expansion" of %+ ?
Charels Dye: Sorry, Steve. I'm out of town (and away from my source code) for the week. I'll take a look at it when I get back....

The first paragraph from my old post refers to how one can use MKSC to dump link files into a text file, edit the textfile, and build modified linkfiles. Many uses: copy link files from one user to another, build similar but not identical link files, migrating to another system.