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More on Problem with Tabbed Toolbar

Here's a follow-up. I just changed the toolbar manually and clicked
"Save to INI". Then I looked at the INI file using "list %_ininame" and
saw that the changes had not been made. What?!?

So then I searched for all the TCMD.INI files on my disk and found that
there was one in a different directory that had just been updated! A
little more work revealed that I had defined my icon to start TCMD with
an argument to load that other INI file, but TCC was using the default
INI file.

Now that I have removed the explicit INI file specification for the TCMD
launch icon, the tabbed toolbar seems to be working correctly.

Rex, you might still want to look into why the confusion of different
INI files for TCMD and TCC was producing the symptoms I reported.

-- Jay

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