More Problems with TCTOOLBAR

Jun 2, 2008
Newton, MA
I have now discovered even more problems with TCTOOLBAR.


The command

tctoolbar /w tcmd11:tctoolbar.cfg

(using a directory alias) fails to write out the file
anywhere. Similarly,

tctoolbar /w %_cwd\tctoolbar.cfg

also fails to write out any file.


After writing out the file successfully with an explicit
path, I built up my courage and tried reading it in using

tctoolbar /r tctoolbar.cfg

It made a mess, creating unnamed tabs across the whole


To clean up that mess, I selected the option to reload
the toolbars from the INI file. That worked to a degree, but
it fails to heed my altered configuration in which the
toolbars have been moved to the top lines of the window,
above the regular menu. I had to drag the toolbar back where
I want it (a position that must be remembered in the INI
file, since TCMD boots up with the toolbar at the top).

-- Jay
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