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Declined More status messages with COPY /U

It would be nice if COPY /U had more status messages. Especially if there are a lot of files/folders being checked.

Please see the folloowng thread for more....

Not sure what you want here -- there's no more "status" to report. TCC is waiting to hear from the FTP site; I don't think it's particularly useful for TCC to say every few seconds "nothing happening....nothing happening...still nothing happening...". In this case TC is in the middle of a synchronous API call and waiting for Windows to return.
@rconn :

What is the processing that the above COPY /U does - behind the users view, please?
Non-FTP copies call the Windows CopyFileEx API, which notifies TCC periodically of the status of the copy (which is how /G works).

FTP copies call the IPWorks copy API, which occasionally does a callback to let TCC know how many bytes have been copied. (Again, how /G works for FTP.) But if the copy is slow (or paused at the server), or if you're not using /G, then TCC never gets any status updates.

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