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WAD Mouse movement sluggish when using TCC list

I'm using TCC 21.00.39 x64 Windows 10 [Version 10.0.15063].

When I use "list", the mouse cursor gets noticably more sluggish. This stops when I exit list. I used to use 4NT 5 until now and that doesn't occur there. The issue is easily reproducable here.

Any ideas?
List has been deprecated for some time now so I don't think any issues with it are likely to be addressed. Have you tried using the "view" command instead? It's a more powerful file viewer than list. I've created an alias to run View if I forget and enter List.
Great! This seems to do the trick.

I still like LIST, even if VIEW is so much more modern... I'll probably use both in different situations.

Great service, thanks for your help.
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