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Network Drive slowness

Discussion in 'Support' started by lctrc, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. lctrc

    Mar 19, 2013
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    I recently discovered TC and TCC - great stuff!

    However, I've run into one issue: I have a network drive with one particular folder which contains ~17g (including sub-folders, et al). Accessing this folder with the "Folder and List Views" or by 'cdd /t' takes forever.

    TCC accesses it just fine. But if I try to click on the folder, or cdd /t, TC stops responding. If I let it sit 20-30 minutes it responds again and I can click around any of the subfolders. But if I open a new TC, it does the same thing again.

    A couple other notes just in case they are relevant: This folder is indexed and "always available offline". Oddly, if not currently connected, accessing it is faster (~5 minutes instead of 20-30), which might suggest a network issue, but Windows Explorer accesses it instantly in either circumstance.

    This is with x64, both 14 and the beta 15.

    Any tweaks or suggestions? Thanks!

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