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New plugin and link to plugins

Rex, please make a link to: ftp://lucky.syr.edu/4plugins

And ... while rummaging about in the TCSH code I found an interesting function "VisibleBell". So I added the command VBEEP to the 4CONSOLE plugin.

VBEEP [frequency [duration]]

VBEEP momentarily displays an alternative console screen buffer, empty, with BG color equal to the usual FG color. This is in addition to a good old BEEP if you specify a frequency other than 0. VBEEP actually calls the BEEP function to do it's frequency and duration, so you could specify system sounds; but if you do, don't expect to **see** much of a beep (if any) since the system sounds are brief and played asynchronously. I'll work on it so you can specify a system sound **and** a duration.

There's a new plugin at ftp://lucky.syr.edu/4plugins/4console.zip

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