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New Tab In TCMD Changes TCC Window Size

I'm using;

TCC  16.00.30  Windows Vista [Version 6.0.6002]
TCC Build 30  Windows Vista Build 6002  Service Pack 2

I see that .31 is out, and will update tomorrow.

With one TCC Tab in TCMD, the Window size is 176x56.

Using Alt-+ (on the numeric keypad), I increase the Window Size to 80x24.

Everything works great at this resolution. However...

I create a new TCC Tab, and the new tab has a Window Size of 176x56, which is fine. However...

When I switch back to the first tab, the Windows Size, which I had set to 80x24 with the Alt-+ key combination, has the Window Size back to 176x56.

I don't need the Window Size set at 80x24 all the time, but only on occasion, to test .BTM screen layouts, which is why I use the Alt-+ key combination.

Is this a WAD, or should the Window Size of the first tab stay at 80x24 when I create a new TCC Tab?


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