newbie question - scripts

Jul 27, 2019
Hello ,I'm using the forum to learn about scripts in Take Command. I'm new to the software and to the command line. I have a few questions, thank you for helping me !
1) When a user posts a script example with : ": check-comments.btm" , I assume that I should save the file as *.btm if I copy the script from the forum. Right ?
2) if .btm is not mentioned , then I can save in the other format : .cmd It seems there are two formats available , , with .btm allowing inclusion of advanced commands not interpreted by cmd
3) To edit a script, I use the debugger tool ( in tools / edit -debug
4) to execute a script , I navigate to it in the TCC ( console) ( main page of take command) and press "enter"

==> Is this the correct "workflow" ? Thank you !

5) is there a "(verified) script repositery that could serve as examples or templates ?
Aug 23, 2010
It is strongly suggested to use .btm extension for TC/TCC files.
TakeCommand is not guaranteed to be CMD compatible, although it does its best to support all bugs of the latter.
And of course CMD won't know how to handle TCC specific features.