no internal help for 'v' in TCmd v14

Jun 28, 2008
Just downloaded and installed TCmd v14 beta a few minutes ago.

Executing "v Readme.txt" and entering F1 or clicking "Help > Help" returns an error message, "Failed to launch help."
Jun 28, 2008
There's no such thing as "V" in Take Command. That's an external app from another company.
Perhaps you meant to do "view readme.txt" and then press F1?

It appears that "view filename" and "v filename" both run the same external program, "V", by Charles Prineas, version 13.1.20 TC.

When I press F1, I see an error message, "Failed to launch help." If this is not expected behavior, let me know and I will uninstall TCMD14 and try to reinstall.
Jun 28, 2008
WinXP SP3, TCC 14.00.23 - standalone (not in a TCMD tab). Command line contains "VIEW". Pressed F1, VIEW page of tcmd.chm was displayed correctly.
Thanks, Steve. I get the same behavior, too, with Win7 SP1. However, that was not what I was pointing out. It was that help within the view application could not be found. Maybe there's an environment variable that needs to be set that would fix it . . .
May 20, 2008
Elkridge, MD, USA
Ah! OK, I also observe the same issue. The link from the Help button (and from F1) in the VIEW screen is not properly linked to tcmd.chm. Cf. V13, where it properly opens v.chm. When I hard linked v.chm from the V13 to the V14 installation directory, everything worked.

Judging by the size of tcmd.chm and v.chm of V13 vs. the size of tcmd.chm of V14 (latest builds) it does not appear that ALL of the contents of V13 v.chm could have fit, esp. when I consider the considerable added documentation for TPIPE and the other enhancements.
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