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No messages from NGs

I have virtually stopped receiving emails from the new NG server. I still
get a trickle
from sparklist.

Based on login history in the browser, on or about 2008-06-06 @ 09:28 I
signed up for the new T&T subgroups (soon after they were announced) by
selecting the "all instant" webpage button. I did not create OE message
redirection rules for them (I planned to use actual messages to do that).

Viewing the forum subscription page
http://jpsoft.com/forums/subscribeforums.php?do=list shows that I am still
signed up for instant email on all fora, except no notification for the T&T
subfora. In other words, the "set all instant" button did NOT work for the
new fora.

I tried again. I manually changed each to "instant". This time my
subscriptions were updated.

Here are the times of the latest messages from jpsoft.com:

2008-06-01 14:54:35 -0500 cp_announcements
2008-05-29 21:21:40 -0500 cp_suggestions
2008-05-29 21:19:59 -0500 cp_support
2008-06-01 20:56:29 -0500 beta_cp
2008-06-10 09:11:56 -0500 beta_tc
2008-06-01 14:53:54 -0500 tccle_announcements
2008-05-31 13:52:32 -0500 tccle_support
2008-06-01 14:53:24 -0500 tc_announcements
2008-05-28 10:07:36 -0500 tc_plugins
2008-06-02 22:51:53 -0500 tc_suggestions
2008-06-08 23:41:55 -0500 tc_support
2008-06-05 15:44:00 -0500 tc_tips
2008-06-07 15:45:25 -0500 open_forum

These times do not match the times shown in the browser. I cannot remain an
active participant without being able to download all messages to my local