WAD No newlines in copy with Ctrl-Ins

Feb 23, 2012
If I select a bunch of lines from my Take Command window with right-click-copy, I can then paste them into an editor as a series of lines, as expected.
However, if I select them with Ctrl-Ins, and then paste them into an editor, they arrive as a single run-on line, without any newlines in between the lines.
Feb 23, 2012
Feature, not a bug. If the Ctrl key is down, TCMD appends the selected lines to a single line, so you can paste it into a command line.

OK, if that's the case, then I have three questions:
1] What keystroke can I use to do a regular copy? I used to use Ctrl-C, but in TCC that's also the break command. So I got used to using Ctrl-Ins, the other copy shortcut key. But now I've run into this problem. So is there a keyboard shortcut for a normal copy with newlines?
2] If I have a long wraparound line in Take Command, and I select it, starting from the middle of the first line, and continuing to the end of the second line, and then I copy with Ctrl-Ins, the result has a space in the middle. This seems anomalous - based on your description, I expect it to have neither space nor newline.
3] Currently I understand there are two basic modes for copying a large amount of text from the buffer: either use right-click-copy to copy all lines with newlines, or use Ctrl to copy it without any newlines. But in most cases, what I want is a combination: I want newlines at the end of each logical command line, but no newlines at the end of long command lines that wraparound (so that long filenames etc. will be together as one and not split artificially). Is there a way to obtain this distinction.
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