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How to? Not have RT version show on start

Is there a way to stop RT from displaying version info every time it's called?

Our main application is a bunch of patient account records coming in where each one has a Hospital_ID that gets looked up in a separate .btm, a Service_Type looked up in a second .btm, an Insurance_Plan looked up in a third .btm and a Categorization looked up in a fourth .btm. (You wouldn't believe how many Texans fall off horses or skateboards!)

The name account number, account balance and some other info is written to the screen. Having version info displaying repeatedly will make it unusable.
Put "Copyright=No" in the [4NT] section of TCC-RT's INI file.
And before you do that, if you have both TCC and TCC-RT on the same PC, make sure you have turned off any "switch file" or environment variable that automatically routes .btm files through RT when you double-click a .btm file in Explorer.

If you don't, when you double-click a shortcut to start TCC, it will automatically start and close RT instead. It will look like somehow you screwed up your TCC installation. :banghead:

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