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Odd Behaviour With NET USE

This may well be a problem with my lack of experience with either TCMD (the latest version I've used until now was 18 briefly but mainly 14) or Windows 10 (I avoided it as long as possible) but I'm seeing this odd behaviour with drives created by NET USE.

1) If I do something like


in a TCMD shell, exit the shell and open a new one the drive Q is still there but it isn't seen by CMD shells or other programs like the DOPUS Explorer replacement and it doesn't survive a reboot.

2) If I do the NET USE in a CMD shell then it's seen by other processes but NOT TCMD and it does survive a reboot.

Nothing I've seen before explains why this is happening nor gives me any idea how to deal with it.

Can someone educate me? :)
If one shell is an elevated administrative shell and the other is a normal shell, the do NOT share net use mappings.


Rodolfo Giovanninetti
Aha, nailed it in one! The TCMD shell was indeed elevated while CMD was not.

Thanks Rodolfo, I was unaware of that.
The format you're using won't survive a reboot. You need to include /PERSISTENT=yes

By the way, I've found a much better way to deal with drives added with NET USE. Check out: http://zornsoftware.codenature.info/blog/windows-7-disconnected-network-drives.html

My Win 7 32-bit work PC has mapped drives F, G, K, M, O, R, S and T.

I put mapdrive.exe in C:\Program Files\Misc Programs\

For each drive, in my Startup folder I have shortcuts named:


The link Target is:
"C:\Program Files\Misc Programs\MapDrive.exe" T: "\\{servername}\{server folder}\Texas Statutes" 20

Start In is: "C:\Program Files\Misc Programs"

Mapdrive will not keep a map across reboots--it does a new map each time. Lose mapping? Just reboot. (A huge help when you're the only guy in an office with about 15 women whose level of tech knowledge is they can use Word and Excel 2007, Outlook 2016 and Web browsers and some of them know what Windows File Manager is.)
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