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Declined Offline access to forums? Like newsgroups?

I've always been a big fan of offline-access to support forums. I guess this goes back to my CompuServe days, when I was sysop of the Ashton-Tate forums.

These days, things like that -- for me -- take the form of Usenet newsgroups and the Agent news reader, although there are other such programs out there that do the same thing. This makes it extremely handy for me to review and read messages while out of touch with the Internet -- okay, breathe! This sort of thing does in fact happen, without loss of life or limb! :cool: -- and where I can compose replies or save messages for later review, with the replies going back "upstream" when connectivity is re-established. Although inactive for right now, I do this with some newsgroups that are not part of the public Usenet system, such as those hosted by dbase.com (the dBASE LLC company that now sells the dBASE product line).

To the heart of the question:

1) If there is such a system for accessing the JPSoft discussion groups offline via NNTP protocol or other such means, please let me know how to do so.

2) If not, might it be possible to implement such a system?


I recall there was quite a bit of wailing when JP Software dropped NNTP access. It seems that this is just not a feature of any forum software these days.
Those of us who frequent the PowerBASIC Forums have had the ability to read forum messages offline for several years now.

The current method of being able to read the PowerBASIC Forums offline was created by member Gary Beene, a program called gbThreads.

Gary worked with the owner of PowerBASIC (Adam Drake), and was able to create a program that downloaded all of the messages from the forum, and from which the gbThreads program used as a database.

I'm sure that something similar could be created from the JPSoft Forum if a person wanted to put forth the effort.

I was a part of fidonet and there was 4dos group in echomail. We used uucp as an internet gateway. Worked well, the expense in phone calls was the only down side.
Thanks for the reply, Rex. I figured as much, but if you don't ask you don't get, right? And "no" IS a legit answer! :)

Glad to hear from everyone else on the subject. I appreciate the info. Hadn't heard of PowerBASIC, Joe, I'll have to check that out, if for no other reason than satisfying my curiosity.