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old 4NT 3.01 question I hope someone can help me with

Here's the short version:
I literally inherited this old 4NT from a co-worker who passed away. I am VERY new to 4nt and programming in general. I have come a long way and have already downloaded TCC and have it running on a test server now so i can work on trying to upgrade to the newest version.
In the meanwhile I have a "Nightly" job I'm trying to automate, in this job I can get just about all the "Sessions" to close that are windows sessions, but I don't know how to get the 4NT sessions to close ( people don't log out correctly at the end of the night and these remain open). I've tried tskill and taskill of 4NT.exe /a and it doesn't work.
Any help would be very much appreciated by this VERY NEWBIE to an OLD program.
Firstly, you could perform the free update to 4NT 3.02 by downloading /oldver/4nt302.zip. However, that would not solve your problem. Starting with version 4 the TASKLIST and TASKEND commands became available, which allow you to list and terminate processes, respectively. IIRC the free SysInternals utilities include similar utilities, pslist and pskill. They should do the job for you.
Sorry the for delayed response, been busy on a few other projects.......... I do want to upgrade and we will go to the newest version soon. but without having a "TRUE" test environment yet I'm affraid of taking this version to 3.02 , I really don't want to break anything ........ I'll see about getting a snapshot and then upgrading and going from there.... just thought maybe there was a command other than what was listed in the help section. Thank you guys! You'll probably see a lot more post from me very soon. I hate being a newbie but got to start somewhere.
Upgrading 4nt3 to 4nt 3.02 is transparent, it is totally backward compatible. But it will not solve your issue by itself, but REBOOT/L should.