WAD Open handle on USB drive in TCC

Mar 2, 2011
I'm using TC 12.11.74 x64 on Windows 7, and I have a USB thumb drive that is usually plugged into my computer. If the drive is plugged in when I start TC, TC opens and holds a handle on the drive that prevents me from being able to eject it. I cannot close the handle except by either closing TC and all its command windows or by using Sysinternals's Process Explorer. If I start TC then plug the thumb drive in, no problem.

I've configured TC to open three windows on startup: Cygwin bash and two TCC sessions. None accesses or references the thumb drive. The initial TC List View window shows TC's installation directory on the C: drive.

I'm reasonably certain that I'm not doing anything to cause TC to look at this drive; the open handle looks like a leftover from some startup filesystem enumeration. Could this be a bug, or perhaps an issue with my PNY dirve? A possibly-related data point is that Windows displays a dialog whenever I insert this drive, claiming its filesystem needs fixing. I've let Windows "fix" it a few times but that doesn't stop it from complaining the next time.

I'd appreciate any insight.



Staff member
May 14, 2008
The only time Take Command will open a handle on a drive is if you're selected "Update Folders on Directory Creation / Deletion" in the Take Command configuration dialog (Advanced page). If you don't want to monitor the drives (and automatically update the Folder View window), you can turn off that option.