Option aliases

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Staff member
May 14, 2008
Option aliases

current configuration: alias aaa bbb /ccc
replacement logic: aaa /ddd => bbb /ccc /ddd

proposed configuration (change option): alias aaa /eee /ggg
replacement logic: aaa /eee => aaa /ggg
example: alias ffind /src /[!…] # with a long list of exlusions that depends on the project and that I don't want to put in my global alias definition
example: tpipe /reverse /simple=34

proposed configuration (change verb): alias aaa /eee bbb
replacement logic: aaa /eee /fff => bbb /fff
example: move /zip zip /m
example: ffind /con `( for %f in (@con:) ( ffind /b %$ %f < nul: ) )`

Christian Albaret on September 07, 2015 07:53