Orphaned conhost.exe processes

Dec 2, 2008
I seem to be having problems with attaching detach TCC processes.
When I try to attach one of the following:

I get:

When in process explorer I noticed that these invalid handles were orphaned conhost processes:

If I killed these orphaned conhost.exe processes all these disappeared:
Dec 2, 2008
Is it usually a couple of hours and isn't the conhost.exe attached to a TCC as a subprocess?
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Dec 2, 2008

Aren't the "conhost.exe" usually attached to a tcc.exe as a subuprocess? I have never had this happen before so I thought that this maybe a Windows 10 thing.

By the way when I have

on the screen and go back to TCMD and open "Tab" then "Attach...", TCMD crashes.
Dec 2, 2008
I notice that it only seems to be problem on Windows 10, I don't have this problem on Windows 7.
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