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OS Version compatability

Hello All,

Long time fan of 4DOS and vintage computing making my first post.

I was wondering if anyone knows for sure (i.e. they have tested the SW on the particular OS) what is the latest/greatest version of 4DOS/4NT/Take Command that would run on the following MS OSes:

Win NT 4
Win 2K
Win XP

I know the official answer is as follows:

4NT 8.02 Last version to Support (LtS) WinNT,2K
Take Command 8 LtS Win2K
Take Command 16 LtS WinXP,Win2K3

Has anyone successfully ran later versions on these OSes (say TC 16 on Win2K)?

Thanks for any help!
I frequent the net in various places, like betaarchive, as os2fan2 or wendy.

Versions of 4nt 2.5 to 8 run under windows NT4 and 2K. There are 'ansi' vs 'unicode' versions of 4nt5 and 4nt6 (i think), the ansi versions run under 9x and nt, while the unicode version has some troubles with the earlier versions of NT. cf cmd,exe and win98cmd.exe.

Take command 32 and OS2 match the corresponding 4NT and 4OS2 versions, and can be merged into the same directory. This is how i normally run them, although it's not officially supported.

TCI appeared at vers 8, but was merged into version TC 9x. Neither TCC or TC or TCI run under windows before XP (this program is not a win32 app). But TC and TCI make calls to Windows API that appeared in XP. TC 18 comes to 64-bit only, i am told.

I have currently on the main iron, Windows 7 Ultimate (32 bit), and 4dos, 4nt 2.5, 3, 4, 8, and tcc 12 run. I had administrator problems with 4nt 8 at one point, but otherwise i use tcmd 8 as a gui proggie to run and cut from rexx scripts etc.

Thanks for the info. That is pretty much in line with what I figured. I was just checking to see what versions I should be on the look out on the used market for my vintage systems. Thanks again.
Just a quick update to this very old thread of mine:

4NT 6.01 LtS WinNT4. Both $NT 7.x and 8.x choke on installation under Win NT 4.0 SP6a Server or Workstation
NT4, is to be taken as an ansi system with broken Unicode support. 4NT7/8 are unicode only.

TCI 1 (v7) and TCI 2 (v8), are both unicode, but uses interfaces that were introduced in xp. Neither work under 2k. They all seem to work quite nicely under Vista/32 6.1. I keep a copy of 4nt v8 to prevent breakdowns, and the different icon helps me pick out several prompts.