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OT: Is this a Windows feature?

I just noticed this. With several windows of any kind on my desktop, if I grab any title bar (left button) of any window and wiggle the window around for a few seconds, all the other windows on the desktop become minimized.
Got it! "Aero shake" ... dumb if you ask me ... turned it off.
The Dave: I see that links in your posts get the text "[title]" (as has happened ti me recently). What's up with that?
FWIW, I observed the same thing. The visible text of the link was "[title]" — and it looks ok now. One difference: when I saw it that way, I wasn't looking at it in a conventional browser. I was looking at the text of the post as it appeared in email (as sent to me by this forum site). I get mail in HTML format, so clearly some kind of browser was displaying it. What HTML display "engine" it's based on, I dunno.

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