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How to? Pass OpenHere Folder to CMD?

I regularly use the right-click "TCMD prompt here" in my file manager. I have TCMD configured to also open a tab with the Windows CMD prompt. I can't figure out how to get CMD to start in the OpenHere folder. It always just defaults to C:\.

How can I pass the OpenHere folder to CMD?
cmd(dot)exe /s /k pushd "%V"

..is what's in the registry for Shift+Right clicking a drive or directory. Note I used (dot) for . because the forum throws an error.
Scratch that. Heh No parameters needed. You have CMD configured as a tab in the Tabs tab of TCMD's options, correct? This works for me. Click CMD in the App section and leave the Directory field empty so CMD uses the same working directory as TCMD.

Oh, good grief. I figured it out. I had just re-setup an AutoExec.cmd file for CMD in the registry (to load an ANSI driver, set the prompt, etc). AutoExec was finishing off in C:\.
If the "Directory" box is filled in, it will use that, rather than the current directory. This applies to the right-click menu too.

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