pdir ignores pm

I would have thought that pdir would give the hour using a 24 hour clock, but it doesn't seem to:
C:\Junk>touch /c Foo.txt
6/04/2016 14:57:20.036  C:\Junk\Foo.txt
Volume in drive C is unlabeled      Serial number is c070:3990
Directory of  C:\Junk\*
6/04/2016   2:57p              0  Foo.txt
                   0 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs
     372,155,068,416 bytes free
C:\Junk>pdir /(thms)
TCC 19.10.50 x64 Windows 10 [Version 6.3.10586]
May 29, 2008
Groton, CT
Works for me using TCC 17 on Windows 7 Pro:

~\Work> dir x.tmp

 Volume in drive C is Windows7_OS    Serial number is a40e:43cf
 Directory of  C:\Users\DCantor\Work\x.tmp

06-02-2016  23:18             520  x.tmp
               520 bytes in 1 file and 0 dirs    4,096 bytes allocated
   355,917,348,864 bytes free

~\Work> pdir /(f thms) x.tmp
x.tmp 231859
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