PDIR with fixed-width unqualified filename?

May 20, 2008
Syracuse, NY, USA
I'd like to use PDIR with a fixed-width file name (left justified) so I can follow it with @descript[*] and have the descriptions line up vertically. I'm almost there (I think). Below, how do I get rid of the path on the filenames? I tried @FILENAME (in a variety of ways) with no success.

v:\> pdir /(dy-m-d  th:m:s z  @format[-25,*] @descript[*]) w3*
2019-11-06  12:19:00            1873  V:\w32tmparams.btm        see the parameters
2019-11-06  12:19:17            1471  V:\w32tmweights.btm       adjust the weights
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